We invite you to browse through this gallery of kisses. Every kiss has been submitted in support of equal rights for the LGBT community. The more kisses shared between same-sex couples the more familiar those kisses become to the world - and the more apparent it becomes that all love is equal. Enjoy these kisses and the stories behind them. The world is a better place for all this love.



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Jason J & Jason M

Writes Jason J, “I’ve had my son now for 19 years. I tried to do what society said was proper even though I knew I was just fooling myself. Austen was born with a chromosome disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome. His mom didn’t stay with us passed his first year. Jason chose to climb aboard and take this ride with us, and I must say that took some nerve. Equality only seems proper to me. One shouldn’t judge. I’m quite a simple person. And if I can get it, so should most in this world."