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"All love matters"

Spread Love, Make History

More than ever, we have the power to change the world. The struggle for equal rights for the LGBTQ community takes on many forms across the globe. For some of us, the issue is as advanced as marriage equality. For others, it is as basic as freedom from persecution.


The Kiss for Equality campaign recognizes the revolutionary power of a kiss in this struggle for equality. The kiss exists in every culture. It symbolizes love and support and is a profound way of saying, "I am with you."


Share a kiss for equality and make an historic statement. All love matters! 

Kisses are free. Civil rights should be too. 



  • help demystify same-sex kissing

  • help show that all love matters

  • help visually document the need for equality in your country

  • Send us your Kisses for Equality

  • Organize a Kiss for Equality event

  • Host a Kiss for Equality gallery show 

...and more!

  • We'll take all the love you have to give! Click the button to find out how you can support the campaign.

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