photo: Jodi Rives 

  • Sponsor an Equality Exhibit of photos from our gallery, Help us create a traveling exhibit that can be sent around the world of people kissing for equality. 

  • Partner with us. Are you an LGBT friendly company or organization? We've got lots of exciting ideas and we'd love to talk to you about them. Contact us! 

  • Submit a photo of a Kiss for Equaltiy and tell us what equality means to you. 

  • Make an album of kisses with friends, coworkers, classmates, family. Include the Kiss for Equality logo in each photo.  

  • Make a video of kisses for equality. Check out ours and make your own! 

  • Every kiss counts! Kisses come in thousands of ways and resonate with people all over the world. Send us your creative and beautiful kisses! 


By submitting your photo(s) you confirm that you have the right to share said material and you grant us permission to share your photo(s) and story as part of the Kiss for Equality campaign. Thank you!

  • Send us a gift and help sustain our efforts to visually document the universality of love. We are the only LGBT rights campaign dedicated to such a visual representation. 

  • Donate your great skills. We are entirely volunteer run and we seek friends skilled in photoshop, social media, accounting, marketing, and legal services. We don't need much of your time but we could sure use your help! 


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