We invite you to browse through this gallery of kisses. Every kiss has been submitted in support of equal rights for the LGBT community. The more kisses shared between same-sex couples the more familiar those kisses become to the world - and the more apparent it becomes that all love is equal. Enjoy these kisses and the stories behind them. The world is a better place for all this love.



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Chi & Chris

Writes Chi,""My name is Chi (left) & I am in the arms of my soul mate Chris. 6 years ago she walked into my line when I was a cashier at Safeway. She told me she liked my smile and since that day I could not stop thinking about her...I moved across the country and she relocated to prove her dedication to me...My belief is the right one will never give up on you. That's what love is. We hope one day every member of the LGBTQ community will have the privilege to say I Do.♡"