We invite you to browse through this gallery of kisses. Every kiss has been submitted in support of equal rights for the LGBT community. The more kisses shared between same-sex couples the more familiar those kisses become to the world - and the more apparent it becomes that all love is equal. Enjoy these kisses and the stories behind them. The world is a better place for all this love.



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Kaydee & Olivia

Writes Kaydee, "Love defies both sex and gender. I met my girlfriend Olivia (she's the blonde) in March. Two transgender women who had no idea whom they were looking for in life found each other that day and haven't looked back since. Not long after we met, we were at a party when the urge to kiss overwhelmed us. Next thing we know, there's cheering and flashes going off, and the moment was forever immortalized in this beautiful photo. I love you Livi, more than I know how to express!"